Cloud Network

Our Cloud VPN facilities are operated in world-class VPN networks located in Tier 3 Salt Lake City node and Tier 2 London node with the latest Cisco BGP  routing equipment. The dedicated Cloud networks use only the latest top-of-rack networking equipment from Cisco with each switch having 40Gbps of forwarding capacity and backup with ultra-redundant BGP network to connect multiple data centers together seamlessly.

The advantage of Cloud technology is about it's smooth growing capacity, the VPN network supports capacity beyond 2,000Gbps providing scalable bandwidth to meet the growing demands of any VPN connection requests. Also, our VPN data centers are equipped with state-of-the-art routing and switching equipment to provide a solid platform for 24x7 continuous VPN services.

Our USA Tier 3 data center is SAS70 Type II and SSAE16 certified and delivers the latest in cutting-edge technology and high tech specifications that provide advanced security coupled with maximum uptime and redundancy. More than that, our London data center includes N+1 generators each with multi-day fuel reserves. Each facility has advanced cooling features to provide an optimal ambient environment, and also include pre-action fire suppression with VESDA both above and under floor sense. All locations are physically secured with two-factor authentication including a mix of full proximity security and biometric access and offer 24x7x365 non-stop smooth VPN connection experience and full geographic redundancy.

Our Longdon Tier 2 data center has N+1 generators with multi-day fuel reserves too. It is equipped with 14 105 kW DX CRAC units with outdoor condensers in an N+1 configuration. The security includes full perimeter CCTV with PIR motion detection and a secure door entry system with event logging. This advanced data center carries optical, ionization, heat detection sensors, to compliment the overhead and underfloor VESDA that comprise the fire protection system.

By utilizing the most advantaged Cloud network in the world, we expect to offer our valued users one of the most promising VPN services in the world.